Beginner Tips for Genshin Impact

Noelle is a pretty decent unit and might be able to carry people through the early ranks without much investment as she has a pretty potent shield up her sleeve. Not only that, but she’s a Mondstadt unit which means all of her ascension materials will be from Mondstadt. However, one of the many mistakes new players make is investing too much into Noelle, even past the initial 10 Wish discount. Beginners make mistakes in Gacha games, and we’re here to help you out with what you should focus on instead of wasting resources like in the aforementioned example. These will only be the most crucial tips that you should keep in mind, but there will be more in-depth guides on each of these in the future. 

Save your Primogems

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See that Lumine? That’s a sad Lumine. Don’t be like sad Lumine who can’t pull Zhongli because she used her resources on the Standard Banner. Just top up Genshin. Save your primogems and look up guides on what characters you should pull as a new player. Not only that, but take a look at the Character Archive and see if there are any characters you really like. If you do, it would be smart to see when, approximately, they will be on rotation so you can pull for them. 

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t pull for anyone else. Check some of the strongest beginner teams and units and if they’re in the Event Banner, you might want to pull for them to at least have 1 of each of these units. Some that come to mind: Xiangling (She’s free in-game without gacha), Xingqui, Bennet, Sucrose.

Invest Smart

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^ Lumine judging you for wasting resources and investing into Noelle only to find out she ain’t all that good at all. 

You have a daily energy limit which is called Resin in Genshin. You spend Resin to claim rewards from certain activities such as Bosses, Temples for Ascension materials for weapons, characters, and talents, and many other things. It’s smart to use this Resin wisely. Check what materials the character you want to play as needs and use Resin on that. Also, always try to spend at least 160 Resin every day.

Do your dailies

Doing daily quests in Genshin Impact will give you 60 Primogems per day. That’s 1800 Primogems per month. It’s not much, but it’s honest work. That’s 11 pulls per month just from doing dailies which take about 10 minutes to complete. They also give other rewards such as Exp books and Mora (Money).

Save Fragile Resin

Throughout your playthrough you will be getting some Fragile Resin as rewards for various activities, whether it be an event, completing some dungeons for the first time, or through the story. Fragile Resin restores 60 Resin (Energy) and you should save this valuable resource for when you hit World Level 8 (Which is max) as this is when you get the most rewards from basically every activity you can do in Genshin.

Play at your own Pace

Last, but definitely not least – you should disregard everything we mentioned in this guide if you feel like that’s not how you want to play. If you want to play around, experimenting with everything, and doing thing at your own pace – this is probably the best way to play and not get burnt out quickly.

That said, do be warned that you might be out of resources to get that favorite character or farm for your artifacts once the need arises. In which case, you should top up your Genshin account with U7BUY.