Dali’s Mask – From Canvas to the Screens of Money Heist Through Translation

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When it comes to abstract art, we picture Picasso and his absurd paintings, which of course a few people will have a different opinion about. But there is another artist whose painting sometimes even surpasses the absurdism of Picasso’s painting. Yes, we are talking about Salvador Dali. He is not only a famous and absurd painter but also a controversial person famous for his controversial beliefs. It is his beliefs and paintings that made it to the Spanish entertainment industry. Other than Spain, his paintings and beliefs are quite famous in France.

In this read, we are going to talk about the influence of Dali in France and also about the role of French translation services in this process. So embrace yourself for this artistic ride about Dali and his influence worldwide.

Salvador Dali and His Art

Salvador Dali is a famous Spanish artist. He is famous for his paintings and his debatable beliefs. These beliefs of Dali are evident in his artistic paintings. His belief in the theory of surrealism sparks people to label him as a controversial man. The theory of surrealism started in France after the First World War. This theory states that the human mind goes into a catatonic state and comes up with absurd and illogical thoughts. Dali’s art is all about surrealism. In other words, all of Dali’s paintings are based on the theory of surrealism.

And have you heard the name of his paintings? They are surely what we call absurd and controversial. This is why not many people like him and his art. But when it comes to strength and resilience, we all take inspiration from Salvador Dali. He was the man of his words and his beliefs. He was always unapologetically himself. Which is why you will find his depiction in every resilient person today.

Some of his controversial paintings are below:

  • The Persistence of Memory
  • Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening
  • The Great Masturbator
  • Lobster Telephone
  • Melting Watch

The Money Heist Effect

Who doesn’t know about the famous Spanish web series, “La Casa de Papel”? It is one of the most famous creations of the Spanish entertainment industry. Spanish translation services have played an exquisite role in the translation of this web series in so many languages. Another name of this web series is “Money Heist”. The first season of this web series came on the screens in 2017 and in 2021 came the final season. This web series created a Money Heist effect in the world. Even still, people are very enthusiastic about this series.

Little do you know, for the last season of Money Heist, the creators of the show started a viral TikTok trend. In this trend, content creators came forward and showed their artistic side for the promotion and enhancing the hype of the already worldwide famous show. Some influencers made trendy and stylish outfits inspired by the get-up of the robbers in the season. Whereas, some influencers created unique makeup looks that represented the season.

Journey of Salvador Dali’s Mask to La Casa De Papel With the Help of Translation

There is a direct connection between Salvador Dali and Money Heist or La Casa De Papel. You might wonder what is that direct connection when Dali’s painting depicts surrealism and the web series depicts robbery. Let’s find out the connection.

True Meaning of Dali’s Mask

People often think that just because it is a Spanish web series, the creators used a famous Spanish artist’s name. If that’s the case, then why not Diego Velázquez, Pablo Picasso, Francisco Goya, or Joan Miró? And why not other paintings of Dali? Why only The Mask? The answer to these questions is that this painting of Salvador Dali is the true depiction of resistance and resilience. And this is what this series shows. And it is through Spanish translation services, that today this meaning is conveyed through different societies.

One of the strong pursuits of the robbers in the web series is their resilience. It is through this resistance that those robbers aren’t just robbers, instead, they are the national heroes.

Link Between Money Heist and France

The effect of Money Heist is present worldwide. But we can say that it is France from where the creators of Money Heist took inspiration. A similar robbery case happened in France, where robbers robbed 9 million euros from a bank at gunpoint and left the whole nation wondering. It is through French translation services that we know about the incident in our language, which makes us understand more about the event.

Final Words!

To sum up, Salvador Dali’s paintings give us a different lens to look at the absurdities around us. It is this theory of surrealism that makes us feel that we are not the only ones having illogical perceptions about certain things. This effect is also evident in the famous Spanish web series Money Heist. This series depicts the true meaning behind the Dali’s Mask painting, resistance and toughness.