Exclusive 3D Casino Games to Play Online At Maxim88 Singapore

The Singapore casino gaming market is regulated and secured because of the strict regulations established by authorities. The key demographics, especially the youngsters, are fans of 3D casino games, eSports, slot games Singapore, etc. Most 3D gamers reside in the Asian sub-continent, which has thrived in this market. The gaming market of Singapore already generates revenue of $288.40 million and is expected to reach $531.10 million by 2028. The user penetration in this market will reach 18% by 2028. You can immerse in the intuitive world of 3D casino games at top-notch online casino Singapore Maxim88.

Best 3D Casino Games At Maxim88

1. Coin Toss

This card and table game is by provider Kingmaker with an RTP payout of 97.5%. It is a classic game launched in September 2023 where players must guess the coin face that will show up after the toss. You can win more with the lightning payout system. A four-coin version is provided for the players.

You can bet and win a higher payout in this version. The lightning will strike in each round, and the 1 random option will be struck. You will receive the lightning payout if it strikes the winning bet option. You can win up to 1.2x of your stake. Players can switch to 1-coin game mode or 4-coin mode by clicking on the buttons provided on the game screen.

In 4-coin mode, the even and odd combinations of colored coins will pay you 1.1x of your stake; the 3 heads and 1 tail or 1 head and 3 tails combinations will pay you 3.5x; the 2 heads and 2 tails combinations will pay 1.9x; and the 4 heads and 4 tails combinations will pay 20x. The betting range starts from 10 coins to 5263 coins (1-coin mode) and 4878 coins (4-coin mode).

2. 32 Cards

Kingmaker’s immersive 3D card and table game with an RTP% of 94.3%. It is the same as the Pok Deng game and inspired by the Andar Bahar game, and the wins and losses of the player are decided on the card points they will gather. There will be 4 slots shown for this 32-card game in which you can set the amount by selecting the chip of your choice. The cards have the numerical value from 6 to 13. The cards 6 to 10 will use their face value, Jacks valued at 11, Queens at 12, and Kings at 13.

If the lightning strikes your winning bet option, you can get the payout as 30x on stake value on 10’s card, 20x on King’s card, 2.2x on Jack’s card, and 1x on 6’s Diamond card. Players can only bet on 3 card options. The Aces, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s have been removed to be left with 32 cards in the deck. The highest-scoring card value will be the winner. The betting range starts from 10 coins and gets to 4347 coins.

3. Plinko

This high volatility and 97% RTP lucky ball release game by Kingmaker was released in October 2023. The maximum win you can get is 555x. There is a multiplier feature when you bet on the friendly, training, professional, or Kort Sian rooms. The minimum bet you can make is 10 coins, and the maximum is 600 coins.

While betting, players can select 12-pin, 14-pin, and 16-pin options. The payout is higher depending on the number of pins you select. You can choose the balls from three colors:  yellow, green, and blue. The joking ball that falls on the edge of the yellow line will pay you the most, and dropping the ball in the middle will give a lower payout rate.

4. Classic Fan Tan

This Kingmaker’s latest 3D casino game launched in November 2023 with medium volatility and a 97% RTP. The maximum winnings on the stake are 5.00x. You can also play the game on your Android or iOS mobile devices. Get 2x the bonus value too.

Here, a random number of white beads are in the pile. The uncovered beads are set into piles of 4, where the last set of beads will determine the final result. You can play up to 14 betting options with other players. The bonus symbol will pay you 2x your stake when it appears, but it appears randomly. You will only win the game if the number of beads left matches the number declared by the dealer.

The odd and even beads will pay you 1.09 of the stake value, 1 Fan bead will pay you 2.85x of your stake when betting on a single number, 1 and 2 Kwok beads will pay 0.9x of the stake where the bet will count two numbers as the win, and 2, 3, and 4 Chun beads will pay 0.3x of your stake as bets are counted on all three numbers as the win. The minimum and maximum betting ranges are 10 coins and 16.67K coins, respectively.

5. Tai Xiu

The Kingmaker software provider’s latest 3D casino game has high volatility and a 97% RTP. It was launched in November 2023. This Asian-themed 3D game is a dice game. The highest payout you will get is 200x of your stake.

The game is played with three dice with six numbers. You have to predict the outcome, and you can choose various ways to bet on these numbers. Bonus symbols will appear randomly across the board, and if they land on the winning bet, you will receive double the payout.

You can win 2x, 4x, 6x, and 10x of the bonus amount. The small dice numbers vary from 4 to 10, and the big combinations are between 11 and 17. The single-number bet will pay 1x of your stake. The appearance of big, small, odd, and even numbers will pay you 0.95x of the bet. The bet on 2 or 3 of a specific number pays you 1:100. The minimum bet is 10 coins, and the maximum bet is 5263 coins.

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