Gear Up For Thrills: Exploring BattlBox vs. Bespoke Post for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

Proper preparation is essential for every outdoor activity, whether you like hiking through the woods, camping beneath the stars, or discovering new places. You need the right gear to appreciate nature safely and comfortably. 

Monthly subscription boxes are becoming more popular for outdoor enthusiasts who want a customized method to store their gear. These boxes feature carefully selected products and gear delivered regularly to fuel your adventure. 

This article will explore two popular outdoor-focused subscription boxes, BattlBox and Bespoke Post, to help you determine the best fit for fueling your sense of adventure. 

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1. Product Variety 

With its sole focus on outdoor gear, BattlBox curates various tools, accessories, and apparel tailored for rugged activities. You’ll find items for hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing, and more adventurous pursuits.  

Bespoke Post casts a wider net with its selections. While some boxes include outdoor gear, others contain an eclectic variety of products for cooking, drinking, self-care, home goods, and general interests. This approach allows Bespoke Post boxes to appeal to indoor and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Bespoke Post’s unpredictable variety each month could be more enjoyable if you participate in many different hobbies. However, BattlBox specializes in outfitting you with expertly curated gear collections for targeted outdoor activities. 

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2. Gear Quality 

When selecting a subscription box, the most important factor is the quality of the included gear. BattlBox contains premium, action-oriented products from leading brands such as Columbia, Gerber, and CamelBak. 

You can expect their gear to be ruggedly constructed from durable materials to withstand frequent, rugged use in the backcountry. BattlBox items undergo stringent testing to prove their reliability in harsh conditions. 

Bespoke Post gear includes a mix of well-known brands and some lesser-known names. While many items are still well-made, the construction and materials may not be as heavy-duty as you’d find in BattlBox. 

Some gear is best suited for casual outdoor use rather than demanding pursuits. The inclusion of unknown brands could be hit or miss regarding quality standards and reliability. 

When dependability in extreme outdoor environments matters most, BattlBox delivers a curated selection of top-rated gear from brands you trust. However, Bespoke Post offers good value for the average outdoor enthusiast seeking solid basics. 

3. Subscription Options 

Both companies provide flexibility in their subscription plans. BattlBox allows choosing between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly delivery schedules. This allows customizing the frequency that best fits your needs and budget.  

Bespoke Post also offers monthly, every other month, or quarterly delivery options. Additionally, they occasionally debut limited-time themed boxes. 

An advantage of BattlBox is the ability to easily skip a month without canceling your membership if needed. With Bespoke Post, skipping a month requires canceling and reactivating later, which is less convenient. 

Overall, the subscription flexibility is quite similar. Both boxes allow customizing the delivery cadence, while BattlBox has a slight edge in flexibility for skipping the occasional month. 

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4. Price Point 

When comparing price points, BattlBox monthly subscriptions start at $49.99, while Bespoke Post’s base monthly fee is $45. However, Bespoke Post occasionally offers limited-time discounts that can lower the effective cost for new subscribers. 

BattlBox also offers more expensive subscription tiers like their $79.99 Elite box, which provides higher value items. So, while their standard pricing is slightly higher, you’re gaining premium quality gear to match. 

Overall, the two companies are very comparable in price depending on discounts, the subscription level chosen, and the value you place on product quality and selection. Both deliver excellent gear assortments for the cost. 

5. Box Theming  

Each month’s BattlBox curation focuses on an outdoor theme or activity such as hiking, camping, survival, or fishing. This ensures all included items work seamlessly together for your chosen pursuit. 

Bespoke Post takes a more varied approach without a unifying theme between all gear items. While this provides unpredictability, the mix of products may not necessarily complement each other for targeted use cases. 

The themed BattlBox style is ideal if you want a fully integrated tools, clothing, and gear kit for dedicated excursions. Meanwhile, Bespoke Post’s eclectic selections could appeal more to those with diverse and ever-changing interests. 

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6. Customer Service 

Regarding customer support, both companies have strong reputations, according to online reviews. BattlBox is known for excellent communication and promptly addressing issues via phone, email, social media, or their online portal.  

Bespoke Post also receives positive reviews for the friendly, helpful service provided through its website, email support, and social media presence. An advantage of BattlBox is the option to call dedicated representatives for immediate assistance. 

Based on third-party feedback, customer satisfaction appears quite high for both brands. Both make it easy to get help whenever needed through convenient contact methods. 

7. Community Features 

Community is a huge part of enjoying the outdoors and reaping the associated wellness benefits. BattlBox builds camaraderie through an active online forum and social media channels where members can connect, provide feedback, and learn from one another. 

Bespoke Post also has discussion boards and maintains social media platforms. However, their sense of community seems less central to the overall brand experience than BattlBox. 

BattlBox goes above and beyond with exclusive community perks like gear giveaways only for forum members and IRL meetups in popular outdoor destinations. If interacting with a like-minded tribe is important to you, BattlBox’s strong community presence has the advantage. 

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Final Verdict 

Both BattlBox and Bespoke Post offer great monthly subscriptions for outdoor experiences. BattlBox’s themed approach and concentration on top brands appeal to keen outdoors people seeking finely curated gear for challenging activities. 

However, Bespoke Post provides more variety that could appeal to indoor and outdoor hobbies. Customer service and sustainability efforts are essentially equal between the two reputable companies.  

Ultimately, BattlBox remains the better fit if you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking gear and a community fully dedicated to rugged activities. But Bespoke Post is still a solid choice for those with diverse interests or those seeking an occasional outdoor-focused box.