Litton Capital Group Tokyo Press: Common Financial Planning for Retirement to Avoid

Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of financial management. Understanding the common mistakes people make can significantly impact the effectiveness of your retirement strategy. Litton Capital Group Tokyo Japan, with their specialized retirement planning service, emphasizes the importance of being aware of these pitfalls.

Key Findings from the 2022 Natixis Global Survey

The data presented below is derived from the 2022 Natixis Global Survey, which involved 2,700 financial professionals across 16 countries, conducted between March and April 2022.

Most Common Retirement Mistakes

Financial experts highlight several time-related mistakes in retirement planning. These include the risk of outliving savings and the failure to account for inflation’s impact over time. The chart below summarizes the most common mistakes as identified by these professionals.

Table: Top Retirement Planning Mistakes

RankMost Common MistakesShare
1Underestimating the impact of inflation49%
2Underestimating how long you will live46%
3Overestimating investment income42%
4Investing too conservatively41%
5Setting unrealistic return expectations40%
6Forgetting healthcare costs39%
7Failing to understand income sources35%
8Relying too heavily on public benefits33%
9Underestimating real estate costs23%
10Investing too aggressively21%

Analysis of the Findings

  1. Impact of Inflation: A significant 49% of financial planners warn against underestimating inflation’s impact on retirement savings.
  2. Life Span Considerations: 46% of advisors stress the importance of not underestimating life spans. Longer lives mean more savings are required, not to mention the healthcare costs, which 39% of advisors identify as a common oversight.
  3. Investment Planning Errors: Common mistakes include overestimating investment income (42%), being too conservative in investing (41%), and setting unrealistic return expectations (40%).
  4. Risks of Aggressive Investment: While aggressive investment can be beneficial early on, 21% of retirees are noted to invest too aggressively, which can lead to problems in later years due to the need for liquidity and stability.


Effective retirement planning requires a careful balance of understanding inflation, lifespan, investment strategies, and potential costs. Litton Capital Group Tokyo Japan’s retirement planning service can guide individuals in navigating these complexities, ensuring a secure and comfortable retirement.