Ultimate Guide To Designing the Perfect Packaging in 2024

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Just as it does every year, you will find some interesting trends in the packaging industry in 2024. These trends apply to food packaging companies as well as those in other industries. This year, you have the opportunity to give your packaging a new look and feel. These are some trends you should know about.

Bold and Vibrant Color Schemes

In the last few years, many companies have gone for understated, minimalist packaging. They may have only a few colors on their products, but the design is somewhat streamlined. However, today’s customers want something bolder and livelier. They want to see your company’s story told in vivid colors and an interesting design.

In addition, customers seek packaging with significant contrast. You should have interesting shapes in addition to contrasting colors. You will find that companies also adopt saturated pastel color schemes, giving their products a more youthful look. This major shift will encourage many manufacturers to replace minimalist options this year.

Interactive Packaging

Your customers also want an experience. Not only should your packaging protect your products and tell the customers about them and your company, but it should also present some other benefits. For example, it may be multifunctional, reusable or provide ways to connect to your company or other customers.

Whether your packaging is physically interactive, such as those that your clients can repurpose, or has sensory components, such as a scratch-and-sniff option or color-changing ink based on heat levels, your customers will get enjoyment from it. Additionally, incorporating repacking options enhances the overall experience. You can also include technological interactivity through QR codes or chips that provide additional details about the products or company, offer discounts, provide access to games or otherwise surprise your customers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

As environmental concerns continue to increase, many companies have made efforts to switch to more environmentally friendly packaging. Choosing packaging with reuse properties is a start. However, with some products, your customers can plant the packaging and grow herbs or seeds.

Reducing the amount and different types of packaging for a single product is also important. For example, instead of rigid boxes which require internal plastic sleeves, many companies have moved to mylar bags custom that don’t require any other packaging.

Telling a Story Through Packaging

Not only can you provide information about your company on the packaging itself, but you can use technology, such as QR codes, to expand your storytelling. You can provide heartfelt messages from your company and its staff. You can also provide tours of your company headquarters.

Discrete Packaging

In some cases, your customers may want their packaging to be discrete. Some high-end manufacturers use this product type to entice. This flirty and understated packaging exudes luxury for some brands. It also provides privacy for more delicate products. This type of box or bag creates an aura of mystery and anticipation that encourages customers to rip into it.

Clear, Bold Typography

Gone are the days when customers are willing or have the time to search the shelves for products. They want bold, clear lettering on their products. They want easy-to-read fonts and colors in their text so they can easily read the package and find what they need to know.

As you consider these packaging design trends, evaluate what will work best for your custom stand up pouches.