The Role of a Car Accident Attorney in Your Personal Injury Claim

Car accidents can result in expensive vehicle repairs and medical bills. If you want to recover your losses after an accident, then you will want to hire a car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio to assist with your case.

The Role of a Car Accident Attorney in Your Personal Injury Claim

Your lawyer plays many important roles throughout your claims process after an accident. The most important role is that of an advocate. Your lawyer will represent your best interests when negotiating for a settlement, proving your percentage of negligence, and corresponding with insurance companies. Check out this site for more ways a car accident lawyer can help with your claim. 

Give You Legal Advice

Sometimes, a car accident case is simple enough that the legal process can be settled quickly outside of court. Other times, a car accident case may involve complicated legal doctrines that can only be settled through a court trial. Before your case even begins, a car accident lawyer will assess your claim and give you legal advice about how you should proceed.

Along with giving you legal advice, your lawyer or law firm will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to filing legal paperwork with the court or submitting documents to insurance companies. The claims process involves complex paperwork that requires a keen eye for detail. While you focus on recovering after your accident, your lawyer will navigate the paperwork and correspondence for your claim.  

Prove Your Case

Your lawyer will also gather evidence that will prove your case. If your case is being settled directly with an insurance company, then the documents required to prove your claim may include restoration estimates, medical bills, and police reports. If your case goes to court, then your lawyer will collect more extensive evidence to support your case, including bystander testimony, expert testimony, security footage, and medical records. 

Not only will evidence prove your degree of liability in the car accident, but evidence can also help the court calculate the ​compensation you are owed for your damages. For example, your medical bills can serve as evidence of economic damages related to the crash.

What Is the Importance of Hiring a Car Accident Injury Attorney?

While there are many reasons why it’s smart to hire a car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio, one of the most important is protection. Your lawyer can serve as a shield between you and insurance companies. While the other driver’s insurance company may contact you aggressively, you may also need protection from your insurance company if your claim is being dismissed or minimized. 

Your lawyer is also essential for determining liability in your case. An experienced car accident lawyer can assess evidence or order additional investigations to assess the amount of liability in your case. Because Texas is a modified comparative negligence state, it’s a key part of your case to determine how responsible you are for causing the accident. A lawyer can look at the objective facts of your case and devise a strategy to prove the other driver was more negligent than you.

When Do You Need a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in San Antonio?

Ideally, you should hire an attorney to handle your case as soon as reasonably possible. For many people, this means contacting a lawyer for a consultation when they are medically able. Based on the severity of your injuries, this could mean calling a lawyer after you have received emergency medical care, or after you are recovering from extensive medical treatment. 

When you contact a lawyer, be sure to let them know if you have already spoken with your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company. It might be best to let your lawyer speak with insurance adjusters on your behalf, particularly if an insurance company wants to deny your insurance claim for any reason.

Severe Injuries

Very severe injuries after a car accident can cause temporary or permanent disabilities. In addition to the pain of the injury, severe injuries can impact your earning ability in the future, cause you to lose wages, or even cost your job. Severe injuries can also involve a significant degree of physical pain and emotional suffering, and you should be compensated for these damages as well. 

Settlement Negotiation

Even if you are settling your case outside of court, you deserve fair compensation for all of your losses. An attorney will understand the extent of your damages and fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Your lawyer may negotiate a settlement with your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company. 

After a car accident, hiring an attorney who specializes in personal injury law is critical. Your lawyer will wear many hats throughout your case, including advocating for your rights, negotiating your settlement, and even investigating your case to support your claim.